Josh Hersey

Head Pastor

Serving as lead pastor since 2011, Josh Hersey focuses on reaching people from all backgrounds with the life-giving message of Jesus. He is passionate about helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ who operate in freedom and purpose while making a difference in the lives of others.
Pastor Josh and his wife Lauren have been married 19 years and have three children, plus one brand new son-in-law.  They are both St. Augustine natives, active in the community, and committed to local, national, and international outreach.
Pastor Josh is intentional about creating a culture at COTR of serving God by serving others. He is dedicated to equipping the church with the skills and mindsets needed to advance the Kingdom of God. As a dynamic speaker with a focus on leadership development and the gospel, Pastor Josh serves as advisor and guest speaker to a number of outside organizations. He also helps facilitate a collaborative support network of both young and seasoned pastors in St. Augustine and the surrounding area
When he’s not serving the church, you’ll probably find him in the woods. Pastor Josh is an avid and experienced hunter with a goal of hunting in as many states as possible.  He is also an enthusiastic football fan who learned many of his own life’s lessons on the football field.